Top 40 Photos of Ocean Club 2013 – Featuring Unreleased Photos

Top 40 Photos of Ocean Club 2013 – Featuring Unreleased Photos

Ocean Club at Marina Bay was the best thing to happen to the Greater Boston area since the first Thanksgiving and I’m here to remind you why.My depression had set in over the lost Ocean Club 2014 season and its hard to move on with everyone reminding me, verbatim, “Sucks that Ocean Club didn’t open right, James?”. “Yeah, big time.”, is my canned response before I find a corner to solemnly reminisce of better times in. Me being the passive aggressive person I am, I decided to make this article so that everyone would feel the same way I do. I began the search through the thousands of photos from my alcohol induced adventures at Ocean Club resulting in 556 photos. Boiling down the selected images was not an easy task but it needed to be done. The following photos are my “Top 40” favorite photos of the DJs, the Babes, and Ocean Club itself, some of which have never been posted before.

Prepare yourself to realize how much better last summer was. 

Presented in chronological order

DJ Steve Aoki Headlining Ocean Club Marina Bay Opening WeekendDj Steve Aoki Headlining Ocean Club Marina Bay EDM JesusSteve Aoki covered in cake Ocean Club Marina BaySteve Aoki Backstage Ocean ClubOcean Club Dancer Go-goArmin Van Burren Headlinging Ocean Club Marina BayOcean Club Bottle Service girls Dada Life Headlinging Ocean Club Marina Bay BananasOcean Club VIP Table Service Ocean Club Raining Rain Rager DJ Showtek Headlinging Ocean Club Marina Bay Rusko Back Stage Ocean Club Marina Bay Dj Rusko Headlinging Ocean Club Marina Bay 6 six shots Ocean Club Marina Bay DJ Tommy Trash Headlinging Ocean Club Marina BayDJ Laidback Luke Headlinging Ocean Club Marina Bay Confetti C02 Sexy attractive Female Gogo Dancer Ocean Club Marina Bay Ocean Club Marina Bay Beautiful Sky Bay Dock Clouds Pink Sunset Ocean Water Headlinging Ocean Club Marina Bay Diplo Face dj attractive Ocean Club Champagne SprayOcean Club Marina Bay steven seagal Nicolas Cage Twerk Booty Ass Express Yourself hot female gogo dancer Sexy Girl female women Trendy sunglasses Ocean Club Ocean Club Booty Hot Twerk Female Girl Woman Gogo Dancer Ocean Club Kill the Noise DJ headlining Ocean Club Crowd Hands up black & White Concert Rave DJ Madeon Face Black & White Headlining Ocean Club DJ Sander Van sander van doorn Firebeatz together Headlining Ocean ClubDJ Firebeatz Backstage Spraying Champagne Headlining Ocean Club Ocean Club bottle Service girls hot attractive backstage Ocean Club Hardwell Hands up dj #1 dj mag Ocean Club Bottle Service girl fried chicken hot Ocean Club Fake Boobs Star Nipple pasties women Tiesto dj Ocean Club Back stage babes girls Dj Tiesto Ocean Club Headlining Black & White JamesColetta-Ocean-Club-034 Ocean Club Bottle Service Girl belvedere Hot Bikini Tan Moet & Chandon Imperial 15l bottle champagne ocean club dj 3lau blau spraying champagne co2 hands up ocean club crowd concert JamesColetta-Ocean-Club-038 JamesColetta-Ocean-Club-039

Pour one out for Ocean Club the next time you have a $14 Vodka Redbull.