My Other Job: Wine Riot

          Not everything is festivals, DJs, and night clubs when it comes to my life, sometimes I have to get a break from the clamor of the dance floor. When it comes to gigs outside of the EDM industry, not just any ol’ paying gig will do. Wine Riot, an event thrown by Second Glass, is a redefining Wine Tasting expo that pretty much kicks ass. Having worked this gig for the last 4 years, I’ve been getting pretty educated on my wine game, so much so that I could confidently order off a wine menu at a 4 star restaurant. Swallowing is encouraged at Wine Riot and with 60+ vendors/250+ wines, people loosen up and thats where I come in. Doing what comes naturally to me, my job is to hit the floor trying to find people having the best time and crush photos. More often than not, I’ll be hitting some of the booths myself to get my buzz on. With one of their most recent additions to this quagmire of potent potables being the Bubble Bar, I’ve been feeling more at home with my dose of champagnes (and sparking white wines). The wine isn’t the only intoxicating thing here though, every event features a live DJ playing Deep House, Downtempo, and the occasional Hip-Hop remix that might have you and everyone else turning up on a makeshift dance floor (I’ve seen it happen).

The photos here are from the Chicago Wine Riot I worked. Take a look and see what I do before 11 pm.

Fun fact: Women who go to wine tastings are babes. 


One of my favorite activity while working is convincing people to get temporary face tattoos.