JC’s Day Off: Flashback Friday and Pretty Shit

JC’s Day Off:

FlashBack Friday


Pretty Shit


Not too long ago after a night of drinking, I had an urge…

…and unlike most of my drunken urges, this did not involve pizza, drunk dialing my ex(s), or more drinking. I texted my friend Matt and told him we needed to set aside a day from being “adults” and relive our hometown days as teens. This hashtag notable day would include driving around side streets endlessly with no real direction, hikes through the woods, and consuming various fast foods/confections. The day eventually came up when Matt, Andy, and myself were all free and followed through on this Flashback Friday whim. We naturally gravitated towards our hang out/party spots in the woods and parks because of the amazing weather. I got pretty tumblr with my photos and I wont be ashamed of it, sometimes that shit is fun to take photos of. Dont judge me. We got some ice cream at this farm called “Peaceful Meadows” that had these wonderfully “Americana” black and white¬†fiberglass cows that where paired up with two identical looking live cows. ¬†Eventually ended up at the candle pin bowling place which was a personal favorite of mine. The day ended and we were over flowing with rekindled nostalgic moments from easier days.

Enjoy the small town flavor of Rockland, Abington, and Whitman.
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