ETC! ETC! @ Tikki Beach 07.13.14

ETC!ETC! @ Tikki Beach 07.13.14

Working Tikki Beach is the most time I spend in the sun my whole week which goes against my nocturnal lifestyle.  With the amount of ratchet/twerking/drunk activities in bikinis going on, its well worth battling my circadian rhythm to get to Westerly, RI  and shoot this day party. Sunday at Tikki Beach was a struggle for me after my long weekend of heavy drinking and 7 am bed times but thank god not everyone was on my level. TBMA  set the tone for the day and that tone was raging. Casually sipping from a fishbowl, ETC! ETC! threw down one of the most aggressive multi-genre sets I have heard in recent weeks. The only thought I had the entire day was “I need to shoot more parties with Bikinis”.