DGAF 07.12.14


“DGAF” (or lesser known as “Dont Give A Fuck”) is a melting pot of 18+ nightlife based out of Providence, RI. I’ve never seen this many different types of people come together at one single time since Fred Phelps death. As a past resident photographer of this Bass Heavy night, I was pretty excited to come back after 2 years and get raw with my friend and owner of the night, Michael Savant. Our history goes back to the early part of my EDM Photography career and if I were to go anymore in depth, this page would require a disclaimer. As the night progressed, so did the booze. What started out with Coronas quickly turned into Fireball and Cafe Patron shots. The one thing I miss about these kinds of nights is how shameless people can get, it always makes for great regrettable photos.