Alesso Stereosonic Sydney 2014

DJ Alesso StereoSonic Australia Sydney

Flying to Australia is a pretty huge accomplishment for my life because now I can crack all the “WTF mate? ^^” jokes I want. Childish shit aside, I’m pretty excited that I get to visit multiple parts of this awesome country while its summer here and winter at home. Alesso, being one of the more active DJs, wants to do shit every day he can so on this first day we went on a lil walk around Sydney and did some sight seeing. I got to see that bridge that seems to be famous for what ever reason and the Sydney Opera House which seems to serve no other purpose besides looking cool. After crushing some sushi (crispy rice in the photo), I headed back to the Four Seasons to prep my gear and try to remain calm in anticipation of the epicness that was in my future. If I were any kind of fanboy for DJs, I would probably pass out from how many DJs are just hanging about in the artist area. In a photo below there is Carl Cox, Steve Aoki, Some dude who I dont know, Skrillex, and (obviously) Alesso. I could talk more about the show but maybe you should stop reading this and take a look at my damn photos. Boosh.

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