Alesso @ Daylight Beach Club 08.30.14

Alesso Daylight Crowd Sign

I need to get this out of the way first, I was pretty damn excited to fly in a private jet for my first time. It was pretty sweet. Moving on. We got to Vegas around 1 am and after staying up till 4am eating Citizens and editing, it was time for sleep. Alesso hit the decks at Daylight Beach Club at 3 pm and it was packed with the mostly babely babes I’ve seen in a while (sorry the majority of Boston girls, not including the Boston girls actually at Daylight Beach Club). The last time I was at this club I was just hanging out and getting weird drunk, which wasn’t really different than this time with the exception that I was actually working. Eventually Alesso’s set was over and since everyone had enjoyed their share of libations, we decided to gallivant around Vegas. Through our adventures, we ran into Skrillex who was fresh off from his time at Burning man. This wasn’t even the whole day though, I still had to shoot at Light later that night. 

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